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Altrec Mountains (wow update 2)

So lately on World of  Warcraft I have become a member of the horde. I am pretty much giving up my whole year of work on the alliance side. I have a level 75 blood elf paladin in the realm of Altrec mountains. I play with my friends Nick, Dustin, and Tyler and some people I met with. Nick has a level 53 troll shaman, and a level 53 blood elf paladin. Dustin plays on his brothers 80 orc hunter, and 80 death and on his account he has a level 73 orc shaman. Tyler has a level 72 blood elf hunter. I have being playing that guy for about 4 months. But back to my paladin, I am speced into protection which means I have more health, more armor, and more defence. This makes it so I can be attacked longer than a different spec would. Here are some screen shots of  my characters stats and what he looks like…


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Smart Set

This is are final week for Smart Set so this week im going to be doing a lot of work on my wiki. I stil have to find some stuff on the history of  Bangkok, I got to comment on about 10 more places, and I gotta write more on my wiki. Im not sure what I can write about besides facts, Monuments and history but im sure i’ll find something to write about. So this week so far i’ve written acouple paragraphs on my wiki on the facts and stuff of Bangkok and I commented on about 12 new places. I think that my wiki will probably turn out well but I stil got a lot of work to do 😦 Well I got to go Peace.

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The Wave Chapters—-9-12

In these chapters it starts out as Ben comes into the classroom and See’s that all his students are sitting in there desks in rows and are quite. After he See’s this he’s quite surprisedto see this. He then wrote Strength through action on the board. The students then wondered what this could mean, then everyone wanted to start a wave rally instead of a pep rally. After this they started sharing the word, then David started beating up Deutch because he didn’t want to join the wave and he was trying to steal the spot of quarterback. Then Laurie got a letter from someone anyonimus and it said how the older kids were threating the Juniors if they never joined the wave. Then Laurie and other people went and started a group to get rid of the wave. I think that these chapters were written well, I liked the way he wrote about how they people were getting threatened because then there’s a good reason to stop the wave. I think that Laurie is going to get caught by Amy about starting this group and then she’s going to get beat up. I also think the football team is going to get way better than fall apart.

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Smart Set

This weeks smart set I have found lots of information about the city it’s self. Like place like the Victory Monument and The Temple of Buddah, which are pretty important things about the city of Bangkok. For this assignment we have to find alot of information and put it onto a wikipage. So we need to find lots about the city, not just like the population but also how much rent is, home much it costs to fly there, and what are some major tourist attractions. Mr. Fisher wants us to show everyone what it’s like to live in this city and why we should open our project business there. I think Bangkok is a pretty cool place. It’s got lots of tourism and rent isn’t bad. The only bad thing about this place would be the cost, It costs about $10000.00 to fly 1 person there for 7 days. Which would be a lot for a business. I think that you would be losing alot of your money in having to fly people there and rent out places. I found on the Internet that a apartment costs about $28000 to rent and a condo will cost about $25000 to rent and a house is about $50000.

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The Wave Chapters 5-8

In these chapter of the book it starts out as the students come in the classroom and notice that the board says “STRENGTH THROUGH DISCIPLINE”. Then Mr.Ross came in and started telling the class how discipline creates power and stuff like that. Then the students started to get interested in what Mr. Ross was saying, and then they started to play a “game” where they would sit up straight in there desks and keep there legs straight and have good posture. Then after the got that he wanted them to go into the classroom and walk into the classroom and get in your desk as fast as possible. After this the kids thought that this was great and it made them really happy of the power they felt. Lauren told her mom about this and she thought it was wrong and there was somthing about it that wasnt good. Then David thought that this kind of system would be great for the football team so they told the football team that they need to work together and the next day Mr. Ross came and handed out cards. On the back of some cards would be a X which meant you were almost like a enfourcer and you controlled what happened. Then they all became a big group and everyone sat together at lunch and all hung out. I think that these chapters were very well written because it told us alot about the steps to the wave happening and showing that the class even felt the power. I also think that there were some really important parts that will make this happen. Like how Robert the class loner was now sitting with the football team and everyone could sit together and everyone could be friends. I also think that it was very important that they made Lauren’s mom suspicious of “The Wave” because I think it’s a way of telling us something is going to go wrong or something. I thought that these chapters were very interesting.

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 In class we are doing a project called smart set. For this we had to chose a city outside of north America and research what it’s like to live here? How much does it cost to get there? How much is rent? etc. We need all this information because we are “creating” a businessin this city. After we must turn all our information into some type of representation that shows why this place would be good for this business.

Somethings I know about my city I chose are that it has a population of 11 million people, the average temperature is about 2°c, it will cost about $10000 dollars to get from Winnipeg to Bangkok for 7 days, a condo costs about $2500 a month to rent it, a apartment costs about $2500 and a house costs about $50000.  That’s all I got for now.

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The Wave Chapter 1-4

Hello, I am reading a book in school called The Wave. It is a book about were a school watches a movie and starts learning about the nazi’s, Hitler, and the concentration camps. At the start it just tells us about some of the characters the main characters name are David the football player, Ben Ross the teacher, Lauren (Davids girl friend), Amy her best friend and Brian the quarterback on the football team. In this story they are in there classroom and they are watching a movie on Hitler. Everyone in the class is very shocked and disgusted that something like this could ever happen but Lauren was the most disgusted and she just couldn’t stop thinking about this. After this Ben Ross thought “How come I couldn’t answer some of the students question” and decided to do some research on this topic. The next day Amy and Lauren are in the staff room and they are just talking and Amy is having a smoke and two boys on the paper play a prank on the girl’s by acting like the principle and freaking them out. I think that this book is pretty good so far. My predictions on the next thing is that Ben is going to stick with the subject of nazi’s and that Lauren, David, Amy and Brian’s lives are all going to change alot by learning about stuff like this. I like the way the author has been writing so far in the book because it’s giving us a very wide prospective of everyone in the story and how they feel. I think that this book is going to get really good at the end.

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World Wildife Fund

I am doing a school project on NGO’s (non government organization). I chose the world wildlife fund(WWF) they are a organization that helps out the environment and nature. They help protect stuff like nature areas, protecting animals, protecting plants and trees and also endangered species. They have around 1.2 million memeber that donate to the cause and have been around for 45 years. They are the largest multinational conversation organization in the world. I think this cause is very important because some of the stuff there saving will help with global warming, letting us lve longer and making the world more. They work in about 100 differnet countries and I found about 20 specific places that they work. They are called the amazon, Amur-Heilong, Arctic, Borneo and Sumatra, Chihuahua Desert, Coastal East Africa, Congo Basin, Coral Triangle, Eastern Himalayas, Gulf of California, Galapagos, Mekong, Madagascar, Namibia, Mesoamerican Reef, U.S. Southeast Rivers and Streams Northern Great Plains, Southern Chile, Yangtze. The amazon is a very important place because we get about 20% of our oxgen from it which is amazing considering the difference in the size of the amazon and the whole world. I emailed them looking for some more information and they emailed me back in about a day and that’s how I got were they are working.  wff

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portable and convenient

I was just on the Dvice blog and I seen this post about how LG has created a new solar powered cellphone my first thought was….that’s cool. This phone has not yet been released but if you hold it to the sun for about 10 minutes you can get a 3 minutes call. The phone might not be a good idea for people that like to talk but for people that only make acouple calls a day it would be a great idea. Another good thing to this is that you got power on the road and it’s will probably save a lot of power.

A picture of the phone—->cell-phone


As you can see this phone has about 8 mini solar pannels and goes in where a normal cell phones battery might be.

This is where I got my information.

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Flying Cockroach

I was just on the dvice blog and I seen a very interesting post on a flying cockroach that you can control around and well….do what ever you want with it. The flying cockroach is like  helicopter kinda toy and it is about $60.00 and it also needs 6 AA batterys. It can last up to 30 minutes on a charge then there is a docking system that u can charge it in. I think that it’s pretty cool because you can scare people. I know lots of people that would scream if they seen it flying around. cockroach it looks pretty real too. Think this would scare you? comment about if it would.

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